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kubba machine

About Kubba/kibbeh

    Kubba, also known as kibbeh, is a Middle Eastern delight—a savory dish of finely ground meat, typically mixed with bulgur, onions, and aromatic spices. These delectable, torpedo-shaped delights are often deep-fried or baked, offering a perfect blend of rich flavors and satisfying textures.

what's the kubba machine?

    Our meticulously crafted kubba machine, constructed from food-grade stainless steel and available in models such as UH-180, UH-206, and UH-306, each tailored with unique configurations and speeds to suit diverse culinary needs. Beyond perfecting kubba and kibbeh, these machines effortlessly create an array of delights, Such as: churros, stuffed cookies,coxinha, falafel, meat ball, sesame ball, fish ball, beef ball, protein ball, date bar, mooncake,maamoul and more.

    The kibbeh machine boasts a unique extruding system that minimizes material residue, ensuring a smooth filling extrusion process. Independent motors control the screw and extrusion flow controllers, managing rotation speed to prevent excessive extrusion and potential damage to dough and raw materials. This preservation of original ingredient flavors is further enhanced by a solid filling device and double filling feeder, facilitating the production of diverse foods, Elevate your production capabilities with our innovative machinery.

How does a kubba/kibbeh machine work?

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Video of kubba/kibbeh machine

    Explore our lineup to find the ideal machine for your culinary aspirations.we give free spare parts, one year warranty and service, welcome to order our kubba machine!

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