Mochi ice cream machine

mochi ice cream machine

About mochi ice cream

     Daifuku mochi, a time-honored Japanese delicacy, is crafted from glutinous rice, steam-cooked, and meticulously pounded into a sticky, elastic texture. Larger in size, this mochi features a dusting of powder to prevent sticking. Renowned for its thin skin and generous fillings, common choices include red bean and soybean pastes. Varieties like Shio daifuku (salt daifuku) and fruit-infused daifuku add exciting flavors. Modern twists embrace cream, custard, chocolate, and more to cater to contemporary tastes. Notably, the delightful mochi ice cream, or yukimi daifuku, marries the traditional mochi with a cold, ice cream filling, reminiscent of the popular snow skin mooncake. Enjoy the fusion of tradition and innovation in every delectable bite.

Mochi ice cream machine description

    Introducing the UH-306A, an advanced automatic filling and forming machine designed for the efficient production of mochi ice cream. Boasting high capacity, the UH-306A is incredibly versatile, accommodating double filling feeders , jam filling feeders, solid filling feeders, cutters, rounders, moulders, and more. With this machine, you can effortlessly create a variety of mochi delights, including mochi cookies, fruit mochi, daifuku, mochi ice cream, and an array of stuffed mochi. Elevate your production capabilities with the UH-306, a powerhouse for crafting delectable and diverse mochi treats.Can be combined with steam generator machine,steam refining machine,automatic powder coating machine to form a production line

Matching Machines

1.Steam Generator Machine

   Our Steam Generator is run by power energy, no noise, no pollution. Using high quality heating elements, with a lower surface heat load and higher thermal efficiency. This product adopts cabinet design style, elegant appearance, compact internal structure and it’s ideal for saving space.

  Characteristics of Steam Generator:
  1. Adjustable for steam pressure.
  1. Power sub-file with switching function.
  1. Adopt of advanced Micro-computer controller, has the features of reliable performance, high automation and easy to operate, etc…
  1. By use of Nichrome Heating Element, high temperature resistance of electric wire more than 1000° C, service life is 5-10 times than traditional one, the application of magnesium rod anode technology, it ensures that that heating element difficult to form scale, any other product is incomparable.

Heating power




Rated steam pressure


Rated steam output 


Diameter of water inlet


Diameter of steam outlet


Diameter of drain outlet


Diameter of safety valve


Dimension (mm)




Steam Generator Machine

2.Steam Refining Machine

    This machine mainly is used to churn Mochi, New Year cake, cake regiment or glutinous rice starch and so on, and then to process them to be mature.

  Machine Characteristics
  1. The barrel and stirring paddle of the machine is made of stainless steel, complying with national hygiene standards When the machine works, both the stirring paddle and fixed paddle shear and squeeze the filling which can protect the fillings molecular structure perfectly. During the churning process, warming the fillings with steam, to make sure the fillings mixed and mature perfectly.
  1. Adopt cycloid gear tooth of reducer and manual worm gearing to make a small noise, steady rotation, flexible and long life
  1. Adopt low-pressure steam(<1 bar ).safe and energy conservation, protecting the resilience of the fillings.
  1. Automatic Timing churn, automatically remind time and stuff filled, which is easy to operate.
  1. Adopt frequency variable motor and imported converter.





Production capacity

150kg/time, 30-40min/time





3.Automatic Powder Coating Machine

    This machine is an all-in-one machine for making glutinous rice noodles, rice noodles, starch and other stuffed and non-stuffed products such as dry glutinous rice balls, mochi, Xuemei Niang, steamed glutinous rice balls, mochi.





Production capacity


Automatic Powder Coating Machine
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