What is the best machine to make energy balls?

energy ball machine

Energy balls, a snack that combines nuts, fruits, grains and other types of natural ingredients, rich in energy and nutrition. And nowadays, by introducing advanced technology, it not only ensures efficient production, but also reduces the cost of labour to make these tasty little balls easily. The energy ball moulding machine makes the production process more convenient and efficient.

bliss date balls


Overview of fully automatic energy ball machine

This energy ball production line adopts modular design, which can be adjusted according to customer’s factory and production requirements. It realises fully automatic intelligent production, automatic mixing, automatic discharging and automatic forming. These features of the commercial energy ball production line make the production process more convenient and efficient, and increase the mass production. There are various kinds of energy balls, the machine can meet different needs, among which chocolate coconut energy ball, Coconut Peanut Butter Energy Bites, Coconut Protein Energy Balls, date ball are popular products.

Working Videos of the Energy Ball Making Machine

Automatic energy ball production line related machines

(1)UH-206 Automatic Forming Machine:

The unique double filling hopper design is used to process a variety of different textures of ingredients, such as nut powder, thick chocolate paste, date paste, cream, soya bean paste, meat filling, etc. for moulding. UH-206 auto forming machine Parameter settings can be adjusted with intelligent PLC touch screen moulds and moulds can be customised to produce products from 10g to 70g in weight. The machine can also make many other food products such as kubba (kibbeh), date cookies, mooncake, maamoul, coxinha, meatball etc.

UH-206 auto encrusting machine

(2)Energy Ball Rounding Machine:

This protein ball rounding machine, connected after the UH-206 forming machine, features stainless steel structure and aluminum rollers to roll each ball, ensuring a round and appealing appearance.

Adjustable speed with a rolling range of 10mm to 50mm.

Energy Ball Rounding Machine

(3)Coconut Slice Coating Machine:

This machine, following the protein ball rounding machine, coats the formed balls with coconut flakes, crushed nuts, powder, seeds, etc.

Coconut Slice Coating Machine

Features of industrial Energy Ball Making Machine

Automated Production: The energy ball forming machine employs a fully automated production process,from mixing raw materials to moulding, without much human intervention. This not only improves production efficiency but also ensures uniform texture of the energy balls.

Multifunctional Design: These machines are usually equipped with multiple moulds to produce energy balls in different flavours, shapes and sizes. Whether it’s mixing nuts, matching fruits and vegetables, or adding flavourings such as honey and chocolate, it’s easy to do.

Precision Control: The energy ball forming machine features an intelligent control system for precise adjustments in mixing time, shaping, and output speed, preserving the natural texture and nutritional content of the ingredients.

Hygiene and Cleanliness: Crafted from food-grade materials, the machine is easy to clean, ensuring each batch of energy balls meets hygiene standards, making the process safe and reliable.

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