Brand new and upgraded cookie depositor machine

Cookie Depositor Machine

cookie machine also named cookie depositor Machine have broad development prospects in the future. As people’s demand for convenient foods and snacks continues to increase, biscuits will continue to be popular as a portable snack with rich taste. Our upgraded version of the UH-700A fully automatic cookie machine has the characteristics of advanced technology, compact structure, complete functions and user-friendly operation, and is loved by many users. Below I will introduce to you our UH-700A fully automatic cookie machine.

The four main advantages of cookie depositor machine

Advanced Technology

UH-700A adopts LCD touch screen and Japanese renowned PLC controller, and the smart touch screen makes it easy for beginners to operate. PLC intelligent programming can meet any changes in the shape, pattern, and style of the depositer machine whether it is twisted or wire-cut, making the product variety rich and flexible. And UH-700A has 20 sets of memory formulas for easy setup and operation.

PLC Intelligent Touch Screen

The Structure Is Compact

The UH-700A machine size is 169*95*136 cm and the machine weight is 400 kg. The equipment was developed using a simple and exquisite humanized operation concept to make the structure more reasonable and facilitate feeding. The compact structure reduces the size of the machine itself, but its output does not decrease, and its output can reach 60-100 kg/hour.

Complete Functions

UH-700A has the functions of wire cutting, twisting and strip cutting. It has a variety of molds and can be customized, such as: square cookie molds, love cookie molds, round molds, five-pointed star-shaped molds, Christmas tree-shaped molds, snowflake-shaped molds, flower-shaped molds, long strip molds, twisted molds, etc. Make cookies in various shapes. Very convenient and fast.

cookie machine details

User-friendly Operation

UH-700A can be operated by a single person or in conjunction with the production line. It is suitable for multiple scenarios. The machine itself is easy to clean and has a durable structure. The UH-700A fully automatic upgraded version of the cookie machine is simple and efficient in operation.

If you need a cookie machine now, the UH-700A fully automatic upgraded cookie machine is a good choice!

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