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croquette machine

croquette, a creative delicacy, is loved for its crispy outside and tender inside. Originating in France, this snack has become a classic in kitchens around the world. croquette can be prepared in many ways, but its core feature is a mixture of ingredients that are breaded and fried. Our croquette encrusting machine has four major features that make the products it produces delicious.


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Feature 1: Products have the same size

The fully automatic double stuffing machine can change food with different skin thickness, length and size through the machine. The formed food is consistent in size and weight. It carefully shapes the mixture of fillings to ensure every bite is crafted with care. This consistency enhances the overall dining experience, making it a favorite among chefs and food lovers alike.


Feature 2: Can produce multiple categories of food

A distinctive feature of our UH-206 croquette forming machine is that it can produce multiple categories of food. UH-206 croquette forming machine can be produced in different shapes using a variety of different molds. The names of these shapes are as follows: ball (round), cylinder (stick), double-sided cone (kibbeh), and teardrop (pear) etc. Whether you’re making classic potato croquette balls or trying a variety of fillings like cheese, meat, or vegetables. Its versatile qualities make it an indispensable machine in food plants.

cutter shapes

Feature 3: High-efficiency production model

In any production, time is of the essence, and our croquette machine excels in optimizing the production process, with production speeds up to 60-90 pieces/minute. Through its automated process, it significantly reduces the time and effort required to prepare croquette manually. This not only improves production efficiency but also reduces labor costs.

Feature 4: Technically simple operation

The UH-206 croquette machine has compact size and streamlined structure. The machine combines a user-friendly interface and PLC intelligent control. It is simple, stable and reliable, ensuring simple operation of the machine itself.

PLC Intelligent Touch Screen

Video of croquette machine

As the application of croquette encrusting machine in global food factories continues to expand, Ulhom Machinery have also upgraded the machines, greatly improving their operation and safety, so that they can adapt to diverse application scenarios. If you have any questions about the machine and croquette forming machine price , please contact us immediately.

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