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UH-700A Cookies Machine

cookies machine is a precision-forming device capable of producing an array of delightful snacks and cookies by extruding and shaping dough. Boasting advanced technology, a compact structure, multifunctionality, and user-friendly operation, it is deeply favored by users. It is one of the new food machineries in the market ideal for investors.

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UH-700A cookies machine can create a multitude of Danish biscuits, butter biscuit, twisted cookies, wire cut cookies, etc. utilizing various molds. Users have the flexibility to adjust and select molds according to their preferences. The resulting snacks exhibit unique shapes, distinct patterns, and stunning appearances. For baking, the formed cookies can be efficiently processed in a hot air rotary oven or tunnel oven.We also have a multifunctional UH-700C biscuit machine, with a high production capacity, suitable for food factories with a high production volume

Machine size: 169*95*136cm
Voltage: Single-phase 220V
Power: 1.3KW
Capacity: 60-100KG/H
Machine weight: 400kg

Cookies machine Features:

  1. LCD touch screen , Japanese Mitsubishi PLC controller, it has 20 sets of memory formulas offered for setting and operating easily.
  2. Template forming, uniform thickness, the thinnest of pancake we could make is 1.2mm.
  3. It is convenient and easy to change the template, and make kinds of cake products.
  4. It can be installed in the production line to realize mass production.
  5. It can make a variety shapes of cookies and cake,little biscuits,puffs,macarons,muffine,swiss roll etc.
  6. Can choose the mode of one-man operation or operation to cooperate with production lines.
  7. multipurpose,rapid change of nozzles,proper for mass production or small quantity but different shapes.
  8. Ratatory nozzles can produce different kinds of cookie shape
  9. Easy cleaning ,durable structure.

Explore our offerings, including the two color cookie machine, to elevate your cookie production capabilities.

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