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UH-306A encrusting machine

UH-306A encrusting machine adds a funnel based on UH-206. UH-206 only has two funnels, while UH-306A has 3 funnels, which not only can satisfy two skins and one filling, it can also satisfy one skin and two fillings at the same time. The added funnel is not just one funnel. It also brings countless possibilities to mechanically manufactured products.

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Optimization 1: Convenient for processing large particles of fillings. The UH-306A has been upgraded to handle large particle fillings, which means you can easily add nuts, grains and legumes to your products. Compared with traditional stuffing machines, UH-306A is more competitive.
Optimization 2: UH-306A stuffing machine is more efficient. The UH-306A can make food with two fillings at the same time, and you can quickly and easily switch between different fillings and adjust the amount of filling for each product. The efficiency of using UH-306A is more than 50% higher than that of ordinary stuffing machines, which will save users a lot of time and create greater benefits.
Optimization 3: The UH-306A stuffing machine has a wide range of uses. UH-306A filling machine can be used to make a variety of products. It can not only make kubba(kibbeh), moon cakes, mochi ice cream, energy balls, pineapple cakes, etc., but also make two-color fish balls, bacon moon cakes,two color filled cookies etc. UH-306A filling machine You can create unique and delicious products that will help you stand out from the competition.
Optimization 4: Stable internal structure. The internal structure of UH-306A stuffing machine has more stable performance than UH-206, which can ensure stable operation of the machine and more efficient production.

UH-306A encrusting machine specifications:

Machine size: 135*100*170 cm
Voltage: Single-phase 220V
Power: 4.7 KW
Food weight: 8g-1000g
Machine weight:  550 KG

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