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UH-206A encrusting machine

UH-206A encrusting machine has three hoppers, allowing the production of foods with two different doughs and one filling or one dough and two fillings. The unique extrusion system minimizes material residue in the machine. The filling is smoothly extruded, control the speed, reducing material over-extrusion. This prevents damage to the dough and raw materials, preserving the authentic flavors of the ingredients.

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The UH-206A Automatic Encrusting Machine is the upgrade of UH-206 stuffing machine ,which is a versatile powerhouse capable of creating a myriad of delectable treats, including two-color filled cookies, panda cookies, wire-cutting cookies, mooncakes, pineapple cakes, and ice cream mochi etc.It ensures stable feeding, uniform discharging, and effective flow control, resulting in consistent weight and smooth appearance. Boasting high productivity, the machine features PLC intelligent touch screen, servo-driven stacking, and user-friendly operation. It also has the capacity to store hundreds of food recipes, enhancing convenience and efficiency in diverse food production.

Machine size: 168*86*130cm
Voltage: Single-phase 220V
Power: 1.35KW
Food weight: 10-250g
Machine weight: 280kg

UH-206A Encrusting Machine Features:

  1. Crafted from 304 food-grade stainless steel.
  2. Smooth material discharge, eliminating any off-center issues.
  3. Utilizes a renowned motor brand, ensuring quality assurance.
  4. Touchscreen positioned on the left side for convenient left-hand control during debugging, allowing the right hand to handle the product.
  5. Versatile, offering a variety of cutting blades and molds for user selection.

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