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UH-206 encrusting machine

UH-206 Encrusting Machine is a versatile, fully automatic, digitally controlled device that elevates your food production to new heights. Equipped with various cutters and molds, this machine crafts a variety of delicacies such as kubba, coxinha,falafel,maamoul, mooncakes, energy balls, pineapple cake,date bar,mochi ice cream,sesame ball,fish ball and meatballs etc. With a high production speed can reach 60-90pcs/min, the UH-206 significantly boosts efficiency, saving you valuable manpower and resources.


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The UH-206 Encrusting Machine boasting a compact size and streamlined structure, this machine combines a user-friendly interface with PLC manual control for simplicity, stability, and reliability. It is designed for producing a diverse array of filled treats, including sticky products or thin skin juicy products.

Machine size: 168*86*130cm
Voltage: Single-phase 220V
Power: 1.35KW
Food weight: 10-250g
Machine weight: 280kg

UH-206 Encrusting Machine Features:

  1. Crafted entirely from stainless steel, this machine operates at high speed.
  2. Its multifunctionality extends to creating a variety of foods, from sticky to thin-skinned juicy products.
  3. Ensuring stability and maturity in the products with no room for error.
  4. The machine features a PLC intelligent control system coupled with a touch screen operating panel, offering a fully automatic operation.

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