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UH-180 small encrusting machine

The UH-180 small filling machine is often used to make mochi ice cream and is very popular around the world. Mochi is a glutinous rice cake wrapped around ice cream, creating a new treat. Mochi gives ice cream a unique texture and flavor, making it a favorite for many.


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The UH-180 small filling machine has four major advantages that distinguish it from other mochi machines.

The first is convenience. The UH-180 stuffing machine is very convenient. Machine size: 100*100*138cm. The convenience of the UH-180 stuffing machine gives it more application scenarios, and small stores are one of them.

The second is multi-function. Our filling machine can not only make mochi ice cream, but also can be used to make kubba, coxinha, maamoul, energy balls, sandwich cookies, fried rice balls, falafel, etc. According to the different needs of users, the UH-180 small stuffing machine can satisfy most foods with one crust and one filling.

The third is smooth operation. The UH-180 stuffing machine uses famous brand electrical components, OTG motors, Delta PLC and frequency converters, and the PLC intelligent control system is equipped with a color touch screen. The high-quality internal structure ensures the stable operation of the stuffing machine.

Fourth, the quality is excellent. UH-180 small filling machine is made of 304 stainless steel. 304 is food grade material, durable and easy to clean.

UH-180 small encrusting machine specifications:

Machine size: 100*100*138cm
Voltage: Single-phase 220V
Power: 1.5KW
Food weight: 10g-150g
Machine weight:  180 KG

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